Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring Style Always Brings Something Back

This Spring there are a few things I am seeing again from last year to years ago that are must buys for this Spring.
I feel like aviators really came back last year when people started to wear the Ray-Ban's again...I got a pair on the Air Force base my hubby works at because they were only $88 and today, I found a pair of vintage Ray-Ban's at Buffalo Exchange for only $18.50, what a find!
Staw Fedora's could never get tired.  They make any basic look go over the top...they can even make you look fab even if you have terrible hair from swimming the day before and not washing (gasp)! 
Jellie's have been BIG since I was a kid...they keep coming back and I never tire of them...they are a cute and fun throw back to childhood, who can get tired of that:)  Since I am already a BIG fan of gladiators, jellie gladiators are even more fun! 

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Leela said...

Thats so funny that you have these two items in one post, i've been out in the field scouting for some nice but classic aviators, and feodora.... I will check these out..thanks!