Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get your new must-have beach read this summer from Net-a-Porter when you make a purchase this spring.

I always love getting the Net-a-Porter hard copy each season...I've been getting this wonderful keepsake since they started...and now, there are changes...I do have to say I miss the NOTES being small enough to fit in my handbag...but, change is good and I can now see this being my beach read.  Let this be your direction for spring style...any questions, the answers are all here.  PLUS, a new editorial spread has been added to the mix included in this spring must-have.  Then, there is an inspirational article about all of the originators of women's style.  And they didn't leave out the "event planner" that helps every type of fashionista get her look together.  This essential reference is available with purchase at Net-a-Porter so get what you need and lust after what you want in this must-have new mag.  And, even if you don't get this reference, check the weekly online magazine on Net-a-Porter too!

DIY Tip:
Net-a-porter has the BEST styling on their site ever and now you can print a look while viewing a page and get a notes section at the bottom.  I would put all of your fave looks together from the site in a cute Jordi Labanda binder from Target:)

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