Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rachel Zoe "it" bag on QVC

Now, granted, I don't LOVE everything on her line...there are a few pieces that make me go WOW and I had to share her Flap Front Satchel bag that just does that for me's only $126!  And, if you LOVE Rachel's styling as much as I do, get her book: Style A to Zoe to put in this fab bag!  I hope she comes out with a new book soon!:)

*Insider tip, if you LOVE anything on the QVC lineup for Rachel Zoe and want a better price...wait, till the next time she airs on QVC and they have AMAZING deals!  Don't miss out, I know I won't!  Rachel Zoe's next show on QVC will be on June 10th!  Mark your calendars!

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Michele Gates said...

Great article! I love the bag!