Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For all of the times that Gossip Girl has a repeat episode, read...

...You Know You Want It by the costume designer, Eric Daman from the fashionista's drama filled show, Gossip Girl. His book called, You Know You Want It really gives you all you want when you are bummed about a repeat of your Monday lineup:)
The book covers everything from how to discover your body type so that every garment fits just right to what Eric Daman's must-haves in his styling kit are---and every fashionista knows she needs a styling kit now. Eric goes beyond what is on the show and gets real with what true fashionista's have in their closets and what they need to do (organize) in their closets. This is a fun and easy book with a new perspective on dressing.

Eric Daman is now traveling the U.S. with Nine West. Follow Nine West on facebook to see if they arr in your town.

Also, there will be a new episode this Monday!!:)

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