Friday, April 09, 2010

Have you seen the extended trailer for SATC2? Now, here's what you need to celebrate May 28th!

I am counting down the days till Sex and the City the movie 2 is out! There is so much buzz about the movie, but I had to share options for ladies that want to celebrate the day in SATC style! Here are some designers that are sharing coveted items from the movie:

Patricia Fields~I know there is more to come!!! Can't wait to see!
For right now, you can get on the "waiting list" for the "Lucky Me" Clover Necklace that costs $56 to $72...not bad!
Dogearded~already love their meaningful pieces! Now, it gets even better!
I am so excited that one of my fave accessory lines is coming out with pieces to wear on the BIG day:) Here are a few I like...they will be available on April 13th to get ready! Prices will range from $55-$200. STAY TUNED--fun promos to come!

This one is very appropriate for SATC...I think anyone who sees this will know what you are representing:)
I love the lucky charm that seems to be a new theme for part 2...I think this is the one I will be wearing:)

Cosabella~my favorite lingerie line EVER!:)
Get lingerie inspired by the girls of SATC...and since the lingerie look is in this year...maybe wear a fancy bra popping out of your classic, Charlotte cardigan:)
...or, wear one of the camis as a top...very right now...just layer with a fancy bra under or a tank if you aren't as risque as Samantha;)

*These are on sale now!!!

***I don't want to leave out the HBO promo items for SATC2!!! There's a lot to choose from!