Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My dream jobs

People alway ask me what I would do if I had stayed in New York or just if I could do anything...most think I would want to be a, here's a little peek into what I would want to do...I was inspired to share this after I was so excited watching the OPRAH show today:)
Dream Jobs:
Creative Director like Jenna Lyon's
Fashion Editor to a fab fashion mag like Marie Claire, LUCKY, Bazaar or VOGUE
or just working in the fashion office of a fashion focused department store like Bergdorf Goodman or Henri Bendel...and let's not leave out Saks or Nemans:)

For those of you still going to school and trying to figure out what you want to the teen VOGUE has all the answers!  And just remember, it's all about having fun doing what you LOVE!

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