Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOFT great things to come...

I can't wait till the fall lines releases for the LOFT!  The company as a whole has had a lot of updates recently from their blog to how they reach out to customers on twitter and facebook.  You are not going to want to miss out~big things are happening!  Here is the LOFT fall preview!
I am LIVING for this's going to be hard to wait for this top till fall...but, it's on my RADAR!

I need the taupe/grey handbag and I LOVE that they have a fab hat in the mix!
I need the necklace on the far left hanging with the black's gorge!  

Faux fur hasn't left us!  I love the new way that the LOFT interprets the trend as a trim to a vest!  I also love the belting of the faux fur vest with a skinny belt too!  Take note!
Aren't these just cute!?  Everyone on FB wants them!  I think they were just the goodie bags...but, we shall see if they end up in store...cross your fingers!

PSSTTT...I have an interview with some of the new stylists for the LOFT coming stay tuned!

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