Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presenting the Largest Forever 21 in Arizona in...Tucson?

Yes, everyone...I guess someone decided Tucson deserved one of the largest of something in Arizona since we lack at least a Nordstrom here...I have actually never been in a Forever 21 as large as this...but, I expect these size Forever's should be popping up all over the states since taking over the Mervyn's locations.
"I don't think I can get through this is one night."
"It's so spread out."
"Look at all of this cute stuff!"
I had to share some of the comments I overheard while walking through this spread out layout that resembles nothing like the modern take I have usually seen...although, I have to say that I think I will be able to find anything I see in an editorial as well as online in this store which is nice.  These earrings are an example of something I found that everyone stops me about...might be sold out online already, but check out the store if they is worth it, promise:)