Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me First...Well, Kind Of...

Taking care of yourself during this type of economy almost seems somewhat selfish...but, with the stress getting to you everyday there needs to be some type of compensation...I have a couple of ways to add a little something relaxing to your life without taking too much money out of the bank.

I experienced this last week and fell in LOVE!  Across the U.S., a variety of spas offer $50 deals on services that usually cost $100-200 and up of course...this is a great way for people like you and I to test and try these services some of us dream of...and I have to say after this little tease I am already planning on going back:)  The 45 minute massage I had at Dolce Spa was divine!  And the pedicure was the best I have ever had from the service to the little details to ensure that I was as comfy as possible.  Plus, just because I had so much fun, I want to share a $25 off coupon for someone's experience of anything worth $40 or more!  Just leave a comment at the end of the blog about your fave Spa experience.
*The trick I got from Spa Week was to take advantage of the amenities that spas have even if you have a service as small as a pedi...if the spa is fabulous, you will have a grand time the rest of the day regardless of what you had done and know you saved some cash:)

When I first heard of this franchise I thought it was only tanning and I didn't even think twice...since I no longer tan...but, a friend told me that she was starting a membership and I got curious.  Apparently a monthly membership fee of approx $54 leaves you with limitless possibilities to relax.  I took advantage of a week free pass from the friend that signed up and did a Hydro-Derma Fusion treatment.  I could not believe how much water I must have lost from this service.  It was very interesting...kind of like a glorified sauna...but, it was cool I can't deny...but, I just couldn't decide if I would go on a regular basis to not waist the 2 year contract I would have to sign...but, for those who are interested, they offer a lot of services from what I did to teeth whitening and of course massages and facials:)

3.  At Home Option
This is totally worth the money and time!  I have been in LOVE with this product since day one!  My Clarisonic Brush makes my skin feel renewed every time I use it!  I have seen it sold from Sephora to Nordstrom.  I think every woman needs this at home...I use this after a long day to nights when I decide I am doing at home spas:)  The set comes with two for your face and the other for the body as well as three different types of cleansers for what you are looking for each time you use it.