Thursday, April 02, 2009

Magazine+Reality=New Shows Popping up Everyday

I have no reason to complain, I am rather excited about opportunity to watch fashion programs almost every day of the week now...I thought it would be fun to see which magazines, celebs, and channel are supporting these shows and see which ones everyone loves:)
  • House of Style-Teen Vogue-MTV
  • Project Runway-Magazine Affiliate?-Lifetime (newly confirmed)
  • The Fashion Show-Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child (don't know what I think of that...)-BRAVO TV
  • Stylista-ELLE-CW (I hope this returns)
  • Running in Heels-Marie Claire (now featuring Nina Garcia...she wasn't on Stylista and I wonder who will replace her on Project Runway now that it will return...)-Style Network
  • Rachel Zoe Project-She needs no one but herself:)-BRAVO TV
  • America's Next Top Model-Tyra needs no one as well:)-CW
  • The City-DVF (no mag)-MTV (Whitney was just featured on the cover of Cosmo by herself--snaps to you girlie!
  • The Hills-Final Season-used to be Teen Vogue-MTV
I wonder if VOGUE has anything in the works....well, we know that they have the Wintour project-movie coming out in September called of course, "The September Issue," which I have in my closet right now:)  But, we shall see if they jump on the bandwagon and create some sort of reality show...
If I have left anything, please do share with a comment so I can make sure and have it DVR'ed:)