Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RACHEL ROY-LIVE via TWITTER---You won't want to miss this!

There are two opportunities to experience Rachel Roy via twitter and ask all the questions you might have and follow tomorrow what happens during the launch of her new line, Rachel Rachel Roy at Macy's!  This will happen via @Coutorture from 6-8 p.m..  Thursday is just for you and will be a time for Rachel to answer any questions you might have---this will happen 3 p.m. EST via Rachel's account @Rachel_Roy.  I have included the tweets that Rachel has on the right hand side of my blog so people can follow if they don't have/don't want a twitter account...but, I assure you fun things like this are always happening on Twitter and it is so worth joining.  You can also do like I have done and forward what you post on Twitter to Facebook so you are killing two birds with one stone:)  
I love Rachel's girly styling with an edge and I hope that transfers over to her Macy's line...I have one piece from her line that I purchased at a sample sale and I still LOVE wearing it!  Now to mix that piece with her new pieces:)  YAY!  I am going to come up with questions for her tonight:)  Can't wait to hear her responses...she seems so real!


Tasha said...

my friend went to her event today http://metropaperdoll.com/2009/04/29/metro-files-007-a-day-with-rachel-roy/

She said it was great and she was sweet and humble

Dream Sequins said...

That was totally fun! I love the idea of live Twitter news conferences!

Simone said...

Rachel Roy is such a fashionista!

Can you share how you forward your tweets (from Twitter) to Facebook? Such a time saver!


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Cool idea, but twitter still scares me....

Anonymous said...