Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Need A Look for Summertime Weddings---Day or Night?

Here's the trick...skip all of the rules...reflect your daily style and take it up a notch.
The first, silver pumps...why have to wear white, or pastels for that matter?  Have some fun and add silver!  The color goes with everything and if your dress or skirt set etc is more basic it will give it metallics aren't going anywhere and you will be able to incorporate it into the rest of your wardrobe.  I had to give a couple of different style options...

*I have this shoe about and love, love, love it...I have worn it to many occasions!  
Nicole Miller has so many appropriate dress styles for any type of woman attending a wedding...I know some people would prefer more coverage...different color options and she has it are a couple I would totally rock at a wedding:)  Plus, Nicole Miller makes wedding dresses!

The item to wear around the neck...the wishbone necklace is coming back again girls...I think a way to dress this style up is to have it studded with diamonds.