Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Put One Foot in Front of The Other...and Everyone Is Going to Be Watching with Farylrobin

Recently I have been sharing the HUGE number of shoes I own at this point...and being that I work at a shoe store, there is nothing but room to let that number keep climbing...currently, I am at 131...I don't think it is that bad...but, we shall see how readers respond...please share where you are at...:)
It's always fun to learn about a new shoe line and when I saw some of the new designs for Spring '09 after meeting a rep on Twitter I decided I had to share these unique designs with everyone and have some of my curiosities answered and shared with all:)

-Which celebs are wearing the shoes right now? 

Farlyrobin has been seen on the feet of some of the world’s biggest celebrity fashion icons including Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani, Rashida Jones, Sophia Bush, Ashley Olsen, Lauren Conrad, Cameron Diaz, and Toni Collette.  (wow and that is a variety of fashionistas...highlighted some of my faves:)

-What was the inspiration behind the line?  

Farylrobin lifts a woman's sense of confidence, confirming her style with each step. We blend fresh design and comfort with unexpected colors that let you express yourself...getting you to the places you want to be. Farylrobin, as an organization, has this same mentality, fostering an environment that helps people be their best and perform their best. We seek retailers who understand and appreciate this sensibility- who try to create a similar environment for their customers. Farylrobin believes that being human is best. Nothing is perfect. No one has it all. While many get overwhelmed by this, we think it is more important to be authentic. To laugh at your foibles. And to live your life -- imperfections and all -- with a sense of fun, confidence, and a style that is uniquely you!

-Where did the name, Farylrobin come from? 

From Creative Director and CEO Faryl Robin Morse’s name! (oops:)  But, I figured I would share that since I didn't know that;) 

-Which online stores, department store and local boutiques carry Farylrobin? 

Retailers include Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Kitson, Shopbop.com and Zappos.com, to name just a few.  (This is so you know where to find these fab shoes and buy, buy, buy:)  I also have to plug Stems, because we sell them too:) 

-Any fun plans for the future with the brand? 

Sure, we’ve just announced our FIRST EVER Summer Collection for ’09!

-What type of girl is a Farylrobin customer? 

We design our footwear for women who work hard, play hard, and who love to be out and about...with style.  (That is me...how about you:)