Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lloyd Boston just keeps giving more ideas

Not only is Lloyd Boston filling our closets each week on Monday at 10pm on Closet Cases...but, now, he is working with his partners in crime, Jones New York to offer a monthly update to all fashionistas that need a reminder on how to shop their closet called JNY Style Miles...which is perfect for this time of recession...Subscribe today and be reminded each month when a new episode is far there have been three episodes to catch up on.  He gives the basics you need to own in less than 5 minutes...who needs to miss out on that?
And for two lucky readers, I am going to offer a giveaway of a signed copy of the book, Before You Put That On.  Just leave a comment of what you need help with in your closet case and your email and two winners will be chosen by April 29th.
Miles tip I need to do...I need to take pictures of my clothes and upload up onto my iPhone to mix outfits when I am bored...that is a project for later:)  Lloyd recommends making your own lookbook like he does on Closet Cases.


quelleheure4 said...

I would love help knowing what types of pants and jeans look good with what style of top and shoes. I do ok but I think I could really be enhancing my outfits more.

Anna said...

Hmm I don't know what my question is... I guess: what types of things don't look good on petites? I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet right now and getting rid of things I have collected over the years that aren't flattering.

I don't know if you have a Mac, but there's this program you can buy for pretty cheap (I think it's like $15) that lets you upload pics of all your clothes and tag things like what's good for what weather and occasions... if you have a lot of clothes it's great! I think it's on

Anonymous said...