Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dress it Down...well, at least the price

I was reading a Glamour magazine blog about fab dresses under $50 and I had to share two of the dresses that sparked my attention.  
The first, a Speigel dress that has the sheath silhouette that I seem to be all over right now with a matching color belt and added pocket detail to make this a-not-so-basic sheath dress...I am staying with the bright colors though with the orange hue as my first choice.  The Glamour choice was the winter white.
The second, looks like it is on sale, so I have to get it soon, but the Gap dress has the bat sleeve that has caught my eye recently.  
*For both dresses, I would add a different color skinny belt to change the look.  But, both can do with the belt that comes with it.
This all brings me to agree with the JC Report article, "Are the Glossies Losing Their Luster."  I still get every issue out there and just get inspired...that is what has always been about for me anyway:)

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Amanda Allison said...

OMG, Love the first dress!