Friday, January 30, 2009

More Isaac

These pants are just soo classic...I love them, high waist, wide can you go wrong?
I am wearing a mix of the look above and the look below today:)  I love this classic-chic look---this is much better than a pair of sweats for a day of errands:)  I am also going to be looking for the necklace and my friend, Forever 21:)

I love the mix of this delicate dress with a wrap white belt and flat pinks.  
Oh so Audrey.
I LOVE everything about this look!
This is how a suit should look---I need one of these in black:)
I said this before, but I am loving the rolled pant look right now.
Easy to go, get these pieces and you are done.  I LOVE the shoes!
I LOVE the handbag!
Love this entire look---I am ALWAYS about the safari look---and this bag is a MUST-HAVE for me---My color this year is orange:)

I was going to say I wish I could share all of my fave looks from the Isaac Mizrahi, Liz Claiborne, I just decided I would.:)