Thursday, January 22, 2009

Converted from Skirts to Pants...

I am very well-known for wearing skirts and dresses...but, with the variety of new style trousers I think I have been converted.  We will see if the styles are complimentary of my body type and it's on:)  This weeks magazine article on NET-A-PORTER helped convert me full on!  I have clippings from all of my magazines on the styles of pants I want this season...but, with pieces like this, you can make it timeless so it is seasonless and beyond any one-time trend.  I LOVE the styling of the Net-a-porter article and I LOVE every trouser...I love the magenta trousers with red shoes, the cropped trouser, the harem style trouser---it's just endless.  I need to also go for a high-waist skinny jean or high-waist straight leg.  Now, it's on:)

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