Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just flipped through the recent issue of N.E.E.T. Magazine and I had to share a few new sites that I will be frequenting from now on...and, if you haven't checked out N.E.E.T. yet, you have to do that too.  It is filled with new designers, new sites and fab new writers and photographers...it is the benchmark for creativity.  
I took the cover off my iPhone because I just didn't think the cover reflected moi...so, I went for basic...but, I have found the answer to everyones problem--try FABRIX covers...they have hard covers and soft...I am LOVING the denim style hard cover!  I need it right now:)
I LOVE all things vintage...so, when I read about Posh Girl Vintage in N.E.E.T. it literally spoke to me:)  I had to check it out...from the clothes to the blog---I LOVE it all!  Very Posh, beyond Posh Spice:)  Plus, sign up for the newsletter to get weekly updates on the new goods:)

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