Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to the Basics

Las night I did a little spa night starting with a hair oil/massage by my husband using an Indian Almond oil.  This makes my hair so shiny and smells good too:)  I have heard that the massaging of the hair helps it grow too..maybe wrong, but it still feels really good:)
Then, I did a natural honey/oat mask inspired by Glamour magazine that I really LOVED!  I have decided that I will do these once a month...the mask is supposed to help hydrate and I need all of the hydration living here in Tucson, AZ.
But, the BIG/HUGE result came from a product I got from Clinique last week during the department store giveaway due to the lawsuit against lines like Clinique that I guess were putting prices higher than they should.  Anyway, the point is I got a product, Moisture Surge worth $46 that I might have never bought and used it last night and it is truly heaven!  I had my hubby feel my face and he wanted some on since my skin felt so soft, so I had to share:)  It's a great option to use daily or use as a 5 minute moisture mask.  You can feel how soft your skin is, but there is no greasy feel like vaseline (that my grandmother and  mom use to keep their skin perfect).

Clinique Online (ELC)
Sidenote: I have also started using Dove Beauty bar again...I figure it is the softest, most natural soap I can use right now with no additives and I LOVE it after my first use last night:)

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Tasha said...

I need to find me a mask to do. I have a lemon one that i bought from wholefoods.