Monday, January 19, 2009

The SCOOP--Sharing info on the DESIGNERS that will be doing lower-priced lines in the coming case you weren't familiar with them:)

Ok, so I was flipping through People Style Watch (the Feb issue) and got super excited about all of the designers that are coming for the spring at low-price options!  But, I have to add that most of the labels are at great sale prices right now that you really can't say no to, have fun!
All sold at Target:
Loomstate will hit April 19th, the company is an organic denim line.  The brand is sold in a variety of locations from local boutiques to high end stores like Barneys.  OMG!  And the pair featured here are on sale for only $59 on Barney's site!  
Felix Rey will be sold on March 29th.  
Erickson Beamon will be sold on Feb 15th.  Sold on NET-A-PORTER!  WOW!  Great prices will be available in Target:)

Charlotte Ronson:  
The line will be sold at JCPenney on Feb 9th.  This is what is sold at Shop Bop right now.  Pieces seem to be on sale right now...which is check that out too!  From $51 to $246.

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