Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sharing is Caring: Magazine File

Anytime I am in a waiting area I am quick to skim every magazine.  Today, I finally went to get my mani/pedi after at least 2 months I think!!!!!!  This will not happen again:)  And I took notes from a variety of mags that I had to share.
Cute shoes that you can pay for right now!!!!!!!!  
Designer: Michael Antonio (I know that I see this brand in a lot of boutiques across the U.S., but i also found this on a site called Cutesygirl)
Price: $28.99
Carolee---jewelry inspired by the right women...for today, there were styles on the homepage in honor of the inauguration.  Jackie O and Michelle O donning timeless pieces 
at a fraction of the price.
Bing Bang-Sold on ShopBop...good prices, with unique designs.  

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