Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally, Something About "Fashion" on the Style Network

I have been complaining about the Style Network for over a year...I hope the choice to add "Running in Heels" with Marie Claire magazines means more "fashion" programs to come in year, new network...sounds good to me:)  The show premier's on March 1.
The Scoop: To follow MC  staffers to see how their personal lives coincide with their work.  The show will start in connection with fashion week.  
Rival: Stylista
Who will win?  Well, in my book, I will be watching both...but, for magazines MC is in the lead for me, go Nina G.!

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meg4fancast said...

Running in Heels is actually now on Fancast before it airs on tv. It's really good. Lots of intern drama not a lot of Nina...yet. Check it out Fancast