Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Can't Wait Till H&M Comes to Phoenix! So Many Things to Look Forward To!!!

I am LOVING trousers right now...the roll up styling is so on this spring:)
I am loving the longer length (even though they say this comes with the bad economy...), the larger jacket with the belt makes it so the look isn't too BIG...
I AM LOVING the color of the skirt so much!  Lavender hues are going to be soo strong this spring:)
So sophisticated!  I love this...once again, alonger length!  But, a great suiting style. 

Here are a few items that are catching my eye...I can't wait!!!!!!!  I will have to go to PHX at least ONCE a month!  I don't even do that now:)

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Tasha said...

OMG so mad that texas still doesnt have one!!