Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fabulous Tips

The fabulous ladies of Fabulous on a Budget, share some great tips for making your wardrobe last longer.  My favorite is #2, just to wash your jeans every 3 wears...makes sense, I hate how my jeans fit right after I was them anyway:)  
It seems like all brands are trying to use the new year as a new way to get fashionista's to shop....but, as everyone I have spoken to is saying...the economy is not going to change overnight just because of Obama...even though we all wish it will...I don't think that we will feel a change in our economy for at least a year...if that...but, it's still interesting to see all of the labels marketing strategies.  
Bag Borrow or Steal: Finally: 5 resolutions you'll love to keep 
Dogeared: Ring in the New Year (For Free)  Offering a free ring with any purchase
Net-a-porter: Helps You Start the New Year with Style: 10 New Year's Resolutions---Now, these are things that I can follow:)
Forever 21: New Year's Resolution Style Tips!!!  I LOVE the site for 2009!  How to wear one item a billion ways this year;)

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