Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goddess Girl: Tigerlily

I am excited to share that I was about to get an interview with Tigerlily from Glam God on VH1...check out what she has to say as one of the final 3 competing to win the title as Glam God...I used some of the questions from readers and some of my own.  She is an inspiring fashionista that has much more to share than favorite colors and styles so, be encouraged.

1)     Were the Glam God judges harder on you because you are also a fashion designer?

  • Within minutes of meeting the judges I felt they expected a high level of expertise from me. This was only further escalated after winning the first challenge.

2)     Who and what are your inspirations?

  • I grew up between London and Cayman Islands and literally have been around the world and back, so world travel really inspires me. Also, fashion icons like Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones and Kate Moss are my favorites. I met Kate whilst on holiday at a resort, in Oracabessa, Jamaica and for those three days I witnessed first hand the height of simplicity and luxury. I’m also obsessed with the lives of Yves Saint Laurent, Gabrielle Coco Chanel and Edith Head. They all fascinate me!

3)     What are your must-haves in your style kit?

  • My “kit” is quite elaborate and whether doing red carpet, editorial or film I am never without all the products from Hollywood Fashion Tape. I also don’t leave home without a lint remover, safety pins, black sharpie, bleach pen, scissors, Band-Aids, heel pads, mini hand steamer, undies (nude colours), hair essentials and perfume.

4)     Where did you go to school?

  • I have a Business degree from American University and I also went to fashion school at Central Saint Martins in the UK.

5)     Are there any items in your closet that you'll never throw away?

  • Jeans, I have so many pairs in different styles (some date back to the’70’s..thanks to my mother). I also inherited a few YSL and Halston pieces that I would never let go.

6)     Out of all the celebs that wear Crown who is your favorite person?

Honestly, I love all the cool girls that wear my label. It’s always an honor to see how people style Crown Atelier! Keira Knightley was the first person to wear our blouse.

7)     How did you start in fashion? What came first..your line or wardrobe styling? 

  • I knew from the beginning of my life that I wanted a career in Fashion! My lucky break came when a music video director who knew I was an aspiring designer asked me to send my samples for his shoot. He used every piece I sent and that music video ended up in heavy rotation on MTV. After that it was a natural progression for me into wardrobe styling. First came music videos, which was a dream because I love music so much.


8)     What are your favorite fashion related shows?

  • My favorite fashion film is Unzipped with Isaac Mizrahi. I adore Isaac! Also, for my birthday, my best-friend gave me a bunch of fashion documentaries on DVD featuring all my favorite designers: Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior and YSL.

9)     Where do you see yourself and your brand in 5 years?

  • I plan to dedicate more time to Crown Atelier in 2009. In five years the line will be absolutely established and completely global.

10)   What do you think will be the next big trend this fall and following in spring 09'?

  • Luxury Bohemian, Shoes from Nicholas Kirkwood and menswear loafers on women

11)   Where are your favorite places to shop online and boutiques?

  •  The Way We Wore (Los Angeles), Decades (Los Angeles), Vintage dealers Steinberg & Tolkien (London), Netaporter.com and Topshop.

12)   What is your favorite magazine, why?

  • British Vogue, it was my first.

13)   How would you describe your style?

  • Fashion-forward and flirty. For my personal style I am very much less focused on trends and I really try and appreciate each garment on its own worth, not on whether it’s ‘in’ right now, or the name of the label. Out of habit, I know all of the world’s best vintage stores so when I’m not in Crown Atelier I usually turn to vintage!

My recommendation for anyone who want to cultivate a special style is the following:

  • Have interests outside of fashion (music, art, theatre, travel etc.)
  • Always surround yourself with other creative people
  • Research iconic fashionistas
  • Never limit yourself (try on all styles)! This will take you away from predictable thinking
  • Never conform to what people think you should be,
  •  but venture out and go the other way, mix things that normally shouldn’t go together
  • Appreciate clothes on its own value, not because it’s fashionable now.
  • Be open


Candice said...

Wow the direction of your blog is fabulous..I was pleasantly surprised with this interview! Phillip Bloch said it best "Tigerlily had me at hello!"

nicole.vanmaur said...

I'm an aspiring Stylist and I was glued to Glam God. Tigerlily was a darling to the end. Thanks for sharing this interview, i love her recommendation for anyone who want to cultivate that special style.

Ashleigh Taylor said...

Men's loafers on women!I was on Oxford St in London two weeks ago and I saw this everywhere, it's only a matter of time before it reaches Stateside. Congrats to Tigerlily on Glam God, not only was she impeccably dressed every episode, but her styling came off without a glitch!

Bartholomew said...

How does one so young and gorgeous know so much? I really like your listed advice to great style. Perhaps there is a style book in the future for Tigerlily? BTW she was absolutely great on Glam God!

Anonymous said...

One question for Tigerlily, isn't she pissed that she didn't win. What were the judges thinking..as cold as she is she was the only talented one on the show.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I absolutely loved Tigerlily. I couldnt believe she didn't win Glam God. I lost all respect for the show after that!

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