Sunday, October 12, 2008

Forever 21---Need to Make it in Soon

This is an example of the new "looks" offered to purchase from the Forever site...I LOVE the sweater as a casual wrap for the winter. 

Have you ever had to do a double take after you spot something you see someone wearing and as you pass they tell you where they bought it and it makes your eyes POP!?  Well, yesterday I saw this dress that looked Pucci-esque so I asked where the lady purchased the frock and she responded with Forever and I did a double take and a jaw drop in surprise.  So, of course I had to share the look with you and let you know that I heard that the Forever site is now offering "looks" to purchase from like what you see on the mannequin in the store...a fun way to get inspired by the styling of the Forever Online Associates:) 
*The dress isn't up yet, I will share it once the site updates. 

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