Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Dress...No Fuss...No Muss

Yesterday, I saw a fashionista friend wearing a dress that seemed to hit her body perfect and I was like I need that!  It was simple--like a racer back tank, but paired with her Missoni scarf and fab jacket it was perfect!  I decided that I needed to have it...When she told me that the dress was from American Apparel my jaw dropped.  Not that I didn't think the store had anything fab...but, it just looked perfectly understated.  And for $26 how can you say no!?  Plus, of course...while I was surfing the site for the dress to confirm the price, I found a couple of other dresses that I had to share with you all:)  I think this is a great option for buying people Christmas gifts...the prices are perfect and who doesn't need something cotton in their wardrobe that is made in the U.S.?:)I love the color of this...purple is the color for fall you know...and it looks so vintage, right...Basic, but sleek...I wonder if this is too short though....I can't do too high above the knee:)I can't decide if this looks too much like I am about to go ice skating, or if I am dressed up for Halloween, but, I still love this look!

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