Sunday, October 05, 2008

No Need To Pout...

I love how they used a classic woman...kinda like the Juicy Couture.
I have been wanting a shirt like this for sooo long, I LOVE the hood!  
See the similarities?  Look up and then down, up and then down:)  Hmmm....thinking you need the dress is already less than $50 and will probably go on sale really soon because the new Go International line will be in stores soon:)

I couldn't find the dresses I saw for Isaac Mizrahi, but I thought the below items were too darling to not include...and they have the same feeling as Lorick.

I have been dreaming of a Lorick piece for what seems like forever...ok, I guess it hasn't been that long since it is a new line...but, I made myself finally go to Target last night to snoop around (it has been forever since I have been...the one nearest to me is really, really far away:).  Well, am I glad that I did!  The recent Go International line that isn't even done by a BIG designer is very similar to the stylings of my coveted Lorick as well as a couple of Isaac Mizrahi pieces...another couple of fun things to note, Revolve Clothing has a couple of really cool fall trend notes that were done by the costume designer of Gossip Girl, and the Lorick New York site has been revamped, and I LOVE the new look!  
*Now, yes, I am showing you the Target lines, but I still want, crave and can't wait to get a Lorick item...I just googled sample sales and she has had some...
Looks like they usually happen in April...but, why not call for the 4-1-1???
When/Where: Saturday, April 5th from noon—6pm. 676 Broadway between Bond and Great Jones Sts, second floor (212-529-1407).

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