Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas

It's that point that I think people should start thinking about Christmas gifts...I know most wait till after Thanksgiving...but, with the way that the economy is looking I think it would be best to consider to start looking know for great sales or items that are already a great price.  I just found an AMAZING piece that I am in LOVE with!  I saw a girl wearing a delicate pearl necklace layered with a couple of other necklaces...when I asked where she got it, it came with an entire story of how she received it from her mom (she was in college) and that it was called, Pearls of Love.  I love the idea and the price point varies from $24-$50 depending on the type of chain that you get...but, each gets a great message that is perfect for the holidays!

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Paula said...

I agree it is important to think of buying the Christmas gifts even in October, because in a blink of an eye it will be here. I have always promised myself that I wouldn't leave it to last minute again and yet I always do. I intend to be different this year and will start by November at the latest.