Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sale, Sale, Sale

I was sooo excited when I read on Daily Sugar (kind of like Daily Candy---Has anyone noticed changes to the emails since Comcast took over???) that Gucci was having a sale on their, even though I can't afford anything Gucci right now:), it is still exciting (and I guess a little scary as well that designers like Gucci are having this BIG of a sale on their site) to see a designer like Gucci having a sale and on good check it out.
Speaking of sales, Saks Fifth Avenues family and friend sales is going to be Oct. 16-19, so make friends fast:)  Just joking...kinda:)  Or, call up your friends and get the hook up!  It's worth it!  I would even say it is worth it to get a part-time, holiday position as a stock person to get the discounts...

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