Monday, July 17, 2006


I never thought I would like anything by all seemed a bit too young and sweatshirt-ish...but, alas...I have found a few things I think I almost LOVE:)

I didn't know that Kimora is venturing into beauty...I really want to try her new lipgloss in Mimosa Fabulosity looks like a beautiful color. I wonder if she uses these products...

Next, in clothing I was just flipping through the August issue of ELLE (and might I add Kiera Knightly is on so many covers) and I saw an ad with a shirt dress by Baby Phat that is really cute...see below.

*This is from the Fall 2006 advertising.

Also, Kimora has come out with a new book called Fabulosity for your reading pleasure.

*You can purchase at or


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