Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shoot for the Stars...

Make your dreams come true...
For anyone out there that has ever aspired to be a stylist there are so many opportunities right now to take advantage of. Many stylists are starting to teach seminars with tips and tricks of the trade. Check out a couple of the organizations that you can attend.
1. Fashion Luv Joenz
This organization will be having a seminar entitled: The Basics of Fashion Styling: So You Want To Be a Fashion Stylist? on July 31st from 6-8PM. All who will attend can expect to learn how you can get started in the industry. This is happening in New York City.
2. Funkylala
Funkylala has a variety of workshops that you can choose from to learn about various careers in the fashion industry. I actually attend the Fashion PR workshop in San Francisco about three years ago and learned so much. Funklala is all about empowering entrepreneurs and giving them the tools they need to start their business ventures. I have never attended the stylist workshop, but I am sure that the attendees will walk away with so much needed information. These workshops are presented across the United States.
3. Fashion Schools
There are fashion schools in every state and people interested in styling can look into programs for continuing education. You can either just take classes that interest you or you could do the certificate program which is always good to have when starting out.
In the end it is all about exposure, who you have worked with and the experience you carry. You will learn everything in these opportunities above...but, if you have any questions, please feel free to write me at and I will share everything I know.
I also have a fashion career website at with information about finding jobs in the fashion industry.

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