Thursday, July 06, 2006

Style Watching

You can be inspired just by walking around

It was funny because most of these girls wore items from stores that are attainable...the girl at the top with the stripe skirt is designed by Ralph Lauren and originally cost $300, but was purchased at T.J. Maxx for only $40! I thought the skirt was soo cute! The second ensemble is more of a designer look I believe...but, I just liked the blue hue and the coupling of colors...the sweater matched the necklace and the Spy Bag matched the shoes that I think are by Michael Kors...The third can't really tell, but it has the cutest puff sleeve detailing...and it is from Zara! I would have thought Ella Moss or Rachel Pally...The fourth look has a layer/ruffled detailing and is from Club Monaco...the final look wraps up what this blog is about...girls creating a look with a budget...the dress on the right is vintage I think and the flats looked cute...but like knock-off Chanels...but, it is still really cute;)

Just remember you can still look cute on a just need to look in the right spots and be creative:)

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