Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fashion Search

Are you searching frantically for a piece that Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing on Sex and the City or what Beyonce was wearing to the basketball game last night...well, search no further. There are three spots that offer exactly that...what celebs are wearing on the web and in their stores...
This is a British website that is devoted to its shoppers by updating product and images on a regular basis. Plus, there is a great sale going on right now.
This website was created by a girl just like any of you and I that wanted to find clothes that were on the O.C. Since there was nothing out there that helped her find what she was looking for she decided to start this site which has helped so many people find that one piece they had to have after watching an episode from a variety of shows.

Boutique:Celebrity Closet Raider
Instead of finding something similar to what the celebs are wearing...or purchasing the same thing...why not purchase what the star actually wore...Regina Russell decided to take her online consignment store to LA. Anyone can go to 9157 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 300, West Hollywood, 310.273.7227 to find things that you saw on the red carpet...You never know...Majority of the merchandise are 75% off!

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