Friday, July 21, 2006

Editor's Note

For anyone who knows me...they know that I am a paper freak! I love to write everything down, even though I have a palm pilot. I like to scribble notes to myself all day in a variety of journals for work, home, and in my purse. I have been seeing a lot of beautiful journals out there and I wanted to highlight them for any other writer or scribbler (like myself) out there:)

You always have to have a pen and paper ready for great ideas that come about...

The Manuscript Books by Smythson of Bond Street are a classic treat. They come in a variety of colors and just make a girl look all pulled together at work or school. This brand is kind of on the pricey side, but if you deserve a little treat from yourself for some hard work at work or school, then this is it:)

For a sleek, modern notebook, try Muji, an inexpensive company that has a lot of fun everyday things at a very low price. My first time shopping at Muji was in London where they have boutiques all over the city. I know that Muji is sold in New York City at the MoMa store, or you could always go online at to shop.

I love Jordi Labanda, and therefore I love all of the products with his work on it. This is a fun notebook with fashiony characters on each cover. I could only find this image, but it does the brand no justice...go to to find more like this.

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Janelle said...

I love JORDI! I have some of his work, my fave is wallet purse. very chic.