Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fashion Hardware

I remember the first time I saw the Klein Tools hardware bag in Lucky magazine...I searched all over for it and the men at Home Depot didn't even know what the bag was with the clipping! I searched high and low and could only find the larger size! I usually wear the bag on the weekend. One Saturday I carried the bag in the meat packing district and some ladies working at Charles Nolan went crazy and fell in love:) Which of course made me feel better about only finding the larger size:)
Today on Best Bets email for New York magazine I found out that there are not only hardware bags, but cute little tool bags that look like little pencil cases. Check out www.garberhardware.com to purchase your own. Here are some pictures of the bags so you can carry them with you:)

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

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Lindsey said...

My dad was a contractor and I stole his Klein when I was in high school...backpacks are SO no, thank you! Folks poked fun because they didn't get it, of course. But five years later Lucky broadcasts the trend and real electricians have to back order their tool bags lol. I think they look better when they're old and beaten up, though (very Louis Vuitton, yes?).