Monday, July 17, 2006

Curly Research

I am a curly girl and I have done so much research since I have grown out my relaxer and gone are some of my previous blogs about curly hair fixes...
Wild about Curly
I went for my consultation yesterday at Devachan Salon in SoHo with Carlos and he was AMAZING! I expected him to tell me that I need this service and that and by the time I left I would be spending $300...but, he didn't...he taught me so much in 30 minutes time and I want to share this information with those of you who can't make it to meet with him.
Key Tips:
-No Shampoo or no "poo" as he said...that just dries out curly hair and defeats what you are trying to achieve...which is luscious lasting long curls...
-If you need to comb through your hair it is best to just use your fingers...but, if you need to comb, use a dog sounds odd, but he says it works;)
-Satin Bonnet and a Satin Pillow for sleeping...this prevents breakage at night...
-At least once or twice a week deep condition your hair by putting a lot of conditioner on your hair...putting it into a bun and putting a shower cap over it for the can cover your head with a bandana as well.
-If you have to use over the counter conditioner he recommended Tresame..I used it last night and my hair looks great:) nice and soft! I have heard from soo many hair stylists as well not to use Pantene! It is really bad for your skin as well as your hair!
-And the best recommendation ever! He two methods to make my crown (top of my head) look fuller and not so flat and dragged down by the rest of my hair...1. Use these clips (I need a pic to show you what they are) to add volume while drying the hair...pick pieces of hair from the crown and just snap them and they will dry with a little volume...if after your hair is dry you still want some umph or want to change the look a bit just do a zig zag in different sections on the scalp with a bobby pin~it works...he did it last night when my hair looked hideous and people kept saying they loved my hair:)
There was a book at the salon...I haven't read it yet...but, I am going to check it out at the library, it is called, Curly Girl. Check it out!

More Curls
Did I say last time...if not there you go...
I am going for a consultation for both of these and I will let you know how it goes. And then when I do the BIG step to get my first naturally curly cut/trim I will take you all through the whole experience.
A before and after kind of thing:)

Naturally Curly hair
For everyone with naturally curly hair I think you are going to LOVE this...I always ask people with curly hair what they use and I have found the following information to be helpful:
And the March issue of ELLE has a really good article about naturally curly hair.
ENJOY your curls!!!!!!!!!!


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