Monday, May 25, 2009

Strike a Pose on The Runway with THE FASHION SHOW

I have been watching Bravo's "The Fashion Show" each week to see if I am as against the show as everyone seems to be...but, I actually thoroughly enjoy the show.  I like the mini Bazaar challenge that I feel like many of us fashionistas should do at home:)  I also like that they need to work with a just proves how in this economy we can still be fashionable on a dime from start to finish.  Andrew, the winner this week really made me want to buy something off, when I saw the price---I was like $249!?  Are you serious!  I am hoping there is a sale or something:)  I LOVE the idea of having a short trench all of a sudden hit the floor...I also am LIVING for the hood!  I would wear it with other pieces as well...I think it would look so cool with a tube top and some riding pants!  LOL:)  I will go crazy if I get this piece:)

Sidenote: I hope that they let Reco get on another team so he can finally win something!  He better work!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
Just found this site and thought it might be useful to chat to people who are trying to accomplish the same as me!

I spend too much of my life on the internet and look forward to chatting to you all and picking up and sharing ideas along the way!

Take care!

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