Monday, May 18, 2009

Just The Right Shoe For Summer: Havainas

No matter how many people have them, or how many people advertise their product I don't think I could ever get tired of Havainas-the Women's Flip Flops that I think Oprah helped take off a few years ago...they have so many styles and their basics that some may lean more towards...I recently went crazy trying to find the peacock style that had sold out in all Arizona Nordstrom locations...I started to give up and then found it at Macy's in Portland, Oregon.  I always go on the site to just see if there are any styles that scream to me...and as you all probably already saw, I found the India-Elephant style that I had to have...unfortunately, the color I wanted was SOLD OUT---of course:)  But, I ended up getting the color that matches the Tory Burch tunic I want;)  Not only are the styles AMAZING, they are great price--cheap flip flops (ranging from $24 to highest I think is about $50) are perfect and these flip flops are the easiest thing to throw on this summer wherever you are.
Just started scanning some women's sandals to share that catch my eye and just realized there is a paisley, I just did an order...decision: order another pair or wait it out...we shall see:)
Note: These flip flops come in different heights from the classic flat to a wedge style for people who can't bare to wear a flat no how comfy they want to be:)