Friday, May 29, 2009

Free Tips From Tyra Review

I thought the majority of the show were tips I already knew...and I think most people know now-a-days...but, the information that was new to me, I thought I would share.  It's mainly websites that you can access and see if there is information that is useful to you.
I am a BIG fan of clothes swapping parties and there are websites that can help you understand how one is run...I have also seen magazine articles everywhere giving different's funny...I was invited to parties like these almost 4 or 5 years ago and now it seems like everyone thinks it's this new thing...but, it's fab so lets keep sharing!
What I didn't know was that there are groups on facebook that you can join to share prom dresses to mother of the bride, get on Facebook and start searching:)
~Something I already knew, but maybe others don't...if you see something that catches your eye at a garage, estate or sidewalk sale...wait till the end of the day and majority of the time they will just give you the piece for free so that they don't have to lug it anywhere else:)
-Check out Free Cyle to find the local group that basically gives away items for free within the can also get online and say you are looking for something specific... 
-They shared about being a mystery shopper and getting paid to shop and sometimes getting free products...but, I have never seen anything really happen when I have tried to do this...but, who knows...*keep in mind you shouldn't have to pay for anything like this...
-I thought this sounded can get paid to be a house sitter and not even know the owner...just check out Care Taker...But, I just checked out the site and you have to pay to have access!!!!!!  They didn't share that on the show...but, who might be worth it for you...
Finally, they said that businesses are open to just giving you products if you want to try...they recommended trying the following sites:
To get even more info, check out Tyra's revamped website:)