Saturday, May 30, 2009

Low-Rise is O-U-T and Hi-Rise is on the rise with designer labels like Diesel Jeans

I still don't understand how low-rise jeans were "in" for anyone beyond high school.  As my father-in-law always says, who wants to see someone's crack?  Which I totally agree with...who wants to sit down and not be, sure???  And it's funny because even the ladies that snicker about someone's Victoria Secrets hanging out still go on and do the same tragedy.  What I would like to share with everyone today (even though it seems that the high waisted style did its thing last season) is that a pair of high waisted or at the waist jeans do not need to look like mom jeans where it gives you that pooch in the front:)  Here are a couple of styles that flatter and accentuate a great body without showing any of it:)Designers like Diesel Jeans, Levis, and The GAP are doing just that and I think that this is a trend that a fashionista should follow.  When you begin to see brands going in a direction, that usually means it is going to be an industry, I am not saying I think the low-rise style was a plus, but everyone jumped on, hopefully this is one that will go up again.Styling:

In this image they have the Diesel Jeans styled with the blouse on the outside, but I think that the great part of a higher waist jean is you have the option to tuck the blouse in or leave it out to make it more casual.  With low-waist jeans the only option is to leave the top out or else you get this muffin top affect. 
Levis actually offers two styles---at the waist (not ad dramatic) and hi can opt for either and get the same effect-a covered bum:)  And as you can see in the styling above, the top is tucked in and you can see all of the details of the accessory, the belt-which is a strong accessory these past few years, so why hide it by a blouse because your jeans go too low??
Wearing higher waist jeans not only keeps the crack from showing, but also gives you a longer leaner look.  The only time I would wear them with flats is if the style is a high waist cigarette jean.  Otherwise, just reaching for the sky in this style wearing high heels or wedges.


inmode said...

i love these jeans and have always looked for good high rise jeans - i feel not proper dressed in low rise and having a short upper body as well as an hourglass figure low rise just doesn't work on me. Perfect find, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

you know I want to see my girlfriend wearing the same Jeans my mom gets at Lane Bryant. Nothing is hotter than that AARP look. Yep, instead of small butts we want to annex a bunch of lower back and swoon over the possibility of cheeks starting at the bottom of the shoulder blades. lets start that tummy just under the breast where it belongs. If you have a short torso a lower rise jean will help create a waistline.If you are trying to pull things together that's different. The muffin-top look is a fault of wearing the wrong size. Properly fitted they look nice on more than just toothpick girls. "Make Your Own Jeans" makes custom fit jeans. All kinds.

It is not immoral to flaunt it. If a lady can pull it off, more power to her. If a woman has a naturally large chest should she stay at home? Rather than risking offending someone? I think not. Should she make apologies with the way she dresses, no. Women have won the battle in the sexual revolution. Repression shouldn't come from other women either. Be happy for her and rejoice in the individuality and power both of you have.

Here's something for your bucket list. Go to Barcelona. Spend a week during June at a public beach with your sister or a good friend. Relax and roll with it. There are some freedoms in America that we have exchanged for shame and ridicule. I found God's forgiveness there on the beach. I realized that everybody is beautiful. Old, young, fat, thin rich, poor...everybody.

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