Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gossip Girl Finale Fun With Dove, Delicious!

So, I am sad that one of my fave shows is about to take a break...but, I have a fun little twist for the show...Dove Go Fresh is partnering with the show to share new episodes of the "Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed" every week after the finale tomorrow.  I will indulge since I will be at a loss with no Gossip Girl every Monday:)  This will be all about real girls of New York's Upper East Side and their day to day lives--including things we all deal with like careers, relationships, beauty, finances, family and friends...I am just excited to see how these girls live---I love getting to see what goes on in the fashion industry through these reality shows!
The reality stars:
  • Chrissie Miller: fashion designer and founder of the Sophomore apparel brand
  • Faythallegra Coleman: emerging Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer
  • Dani Stahl: style director for Nylon magazine, jewelry designer and “IT” girl
  • Lara Meiland-Shaw: co-founder of a Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier and philanthropist
Now, on the soap:)  I have of course tried this new Dove product and I love it!  I have always been a Dove girl regardless, but this really does smell clean and fresh and is perfect for the summer months in Arizona when you feel like you step outside and just start to sweat:)  By the way, the scent is Nectarine & White Ginger

And, of course, you can join their facebook group, which I am doing right now and get more updates:)