Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recessionista Seals the Deals!

Today was my BIG day to run around and spend the money that I received for my Birthday so I made sure that I spread it out as much as possible with the deals I found.  I ended up having a very lucky day today so, I had to of course share the deals I found so others can be as fortunate:) *I am going to share backwards...too much work to fix the images and everything---I am being lazy:)
3rd stop: Dillards---I have never really shopped at Dillards...it's usually Nordstrom's or maybe Macy's...but, I went in for work today to pull for my photo shoot on Thursday and my heart jumped when I saw items marked down 70 percent!  How can you say no?  I have also always heard my friends gush about their French Connection deals at Dillards...well, I nabbed a BCBG dress that was usually at least $200 for $30!  There is just no beating this day!
2nd stop: JCPenney---now, I went for a specific top and all they had was an XS and I wanted it be larger...so, I was going to give up and then, decided to at least look a little to see if it might be somewhere else and found a jacket for $9.99!  Now, you know I was even more excited when the lady at the register said, "$7.98!"  I was like ok, now I can get the shirt tomorrow and not even feel bad:)  So, today has been nothing but good deals:)  I am of course going to follow up with more deals tomorrow after I sell a pair of jeans I haven't worn for a pair from KMart that were screaming my name;)hahaha...it doesn't stop in my world...but, I keep on sharing:) *the jacket is no longer online...but, there were so many at the store don't miss out!
1st stop: KMart...I have been wanting this skirt ever since I saw it...and then, I noticed that in my April issue of LUCKY there was a copycat look that resembled my KMart item...now, the skirt has gone down to $12, so I had to nab it!  Now to just find the blouse that I think is a chic addition to any wardrobe!  If anyone has seen a silky crew neck top with 3/4 sleeves...please share:)  The funny part was that I had to try and keep my cool because there were so many items that caught my eye...but, I decided, this is what I came for...so stay focused and leave:)
First, I had a lot of reaction to the blouse that I was wearing today that 
I bought for a mere $5 at Target two weeks ago...now, online it says $12, but you have to go into the store I guess if you want the deal...and it is worth it!

Plus, I heard Macy's is having a really good sale and I stopped into Urban Outfitters and it almost felt like the whole store was on sale:)  And check out the $30 and below sale section that Nordstrom's always has!