Friday, March 01, 2013

What I bought: Duro Olowu for JCP

So, today was the BIG day for Duro Olowu to be at JC Penney and even though my local store didn't have everything I was in heaven!  Everything was such great quality and really cute!  And, AMAZING prices!  I got 4 items for ONLY $125!  Plus, I can't wait to go back when things go on sale...I have to be honest:)  I wanted more, but held myself back.  I guess it's nice to live in a small market where a lot of people aren't rushing to get everything.  

I saw the colorful clutch and wanted it right away but decided on the smaller version since I don't think I would get as much use out of the clutch.  I also opted for the linen piece because it seemed like something I could wear more and I like that it was a natural fabric.  I really wanted the paisley pieces but they were all I figured once the prices drop I'll come and get it it all:)  I am in LOVE with the gold dress!  It would be perfect for a special occasion or a future Christmas party.  I think  I will be going back for that as well:)  Notebooks were a MUST and I'm thinking I need the umbrella for grey days:)

What are you planning on getting?
DURO OLLWU for JC Penney



Tote bag



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