Sunday, March 03, 2013

90's style: I'm in the mood for high waisted (vintage) suede shorts this summer

I know...another 90's trend is creeping into my fashion focus. Just like the 80's trend I was so sure I wouldn't do it and then I'm still wearing leggings today (lol ). Now I'm searching for pieces on etsy and poshmark. Im not sure if I want to go camel or have fun and rock a color...but i want it to be a longer, fuller silhouette. Is anyone else thinking about suede shorts?

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Natasha Rao said...

I'm a pear shape and usually not one to rock a short. But, I feel like this style where it's a high waist and fuller and longer legs will be flattering on a pear shape. I'll only know once I try them...but, the idea sounds promising:)