Monday, March 04, 2013

Shoe Kick: Painted Bird Crochet Flat

I found Painted Bird through instagram (again, I know:) from Dream Collective via JM Dry Goods.  Both really great brands to follow on instagram.  I just loved how different these shoes looked from anything I've seen and that they are crochet of all things!  They look comfy which I will know if they are after getting them.  But, I've gone from saying I would NEVER wear flats to having 3 kids and deciding I could wear flats and they will be cute.  I also don't want to limit myself to ballet flats so I don't get bored:)

These beauties are sold online at Painted Birds and in places like Anthro.  Although, it looks like they sell out fast at Anthro because the site only has 1 style available right now.  At the Painted Birds site, they are having a sale, but only limited sizes are available...mine are all sold out:(  But, it's 50% off so they are $41 instead of $82!

I LOVE to see how women style these crochet shoes so I wanted to share some of the photos I found on Painted Birds facebook page to show how versatile they are.  I love how they mix prints with them or just wear them with basic jeans.  Here are a few ways I would style these beauties!

Painted Bird Shoes


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Thank you for the Painted Bird Love !!!! xoxoxoxo

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