Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spa Week is almost here! Make those $50 appointments now!

I have been on a spa hiatus since having my babies and can't wait to get back into the groove of relaxing!  I'm making a mani/pedi plus facial appointment at Dolce and can't wait!  April 20th, here I come!  I haven't had a a pedi for almost 8 months and that's sick!

Spa week is the way to enjoy what I've been missing out on.  You still get such amazing services and attention at ONLY $50!  It's also great step up your spa game and try out locations like Red Door Spa.  It's getting pampered without stressing about the cost.  A win-win!

I'm going to Dolce Spa/Salon.  They are my favorite for facials so far out of all of the other spas I've tried out since they give an oil hair massage during the facial!  No other location has done this.  Plus, the pedi always has an added something to make it special.  This time they are offering a hot stone pedi.  So glad I'm not preggers this time around so I can do it!:)  I almost want to add the massage because it's coconut!  For anyone who follows me you know I LOVE all things coconut...but, facial it is this time:)

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Ariam Fesaha said...

I totally agree!! People often ask me why i always do my nails and hair. It's self care for me. I enjoy it and we only have this one body so we must take care of it. Enjoy your spa!!!