Monday, March 11, 2013

My new favorite way to shop online

I'm addicted everyone! I have always been a believer in second hand stores, then clothing swaps and now trading with other fashion lovers with sites like Poshmark or Bib + Tuck. It's a genius way to get new items for your old gems. Sites like Poshmark are mainly for selling but you can negotiate with other sellers to include the option. Shipping is around $6. Bib + Tuck is dedicated to it just being trading. But, you have to gain points from trading your clothes to get points to get what you want. Plus, shipping is $9-12. To start off with the site you can get about $50 to make your first tuck just from sharing your on the site and checking things out. Pretty brilliant. Here are a few of my traded items recently:)

We're all shopping closets together on Poshmark. I want you to join! Get $5 credit with code: HBAEC.

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