Thursday, August 06, 2009

Curly Chronicles Part III: The PRODUCTS

*Curly, Curly:)

I feel like I have tried so many products since turning to my curls...and I always seem to turn back to my oldies but goodies...the cheapest products out there:)
SUAVE Vanilla Conditioner (people go crazy over my hair when I use this!)
Boots Coconut/Almond Leave-In Conditioner
Pantene Pro-V...I've always been told this was terrible...but, my hair LOVES it! But, I stopped with the mousse:)
On to the tested:
TIGI Love Peace & The Planet-This is the most yummy leave in conditioner ever! You just want to eat your hair;) People are always asking me what I am wearing when I use this and I just let them sniff the tresses:) The Cherry-Almond scent is addictive and it helps me prep my hair for the product that I put in after. I feel like the leave in conditioners help tame my hair after getting out of the shower and prevent it from starting to dry quickly and frizz out of control. Plus, this product is 88% organic...which is a plus in my book because I try to avoid a lot of alcohol in my hair because it defeats the purpose since my hair is already dry-prone:) Basically, what is good for the environment, made from the environment is perfect for moi.
Hair Rules-to be honest, I was sent a trial size for this product and my hair is way too thick to really get an idea of how good this product was...but, I can say it smelled really good:) But, right now there is a REALLY great deal on HSN! An entire Hair Rules Custom Curl Set is only $24.95! This includes 3 full size products and 2 of the trial size that I received (that doesn't really do anything:) But, such a great deal! Also, Dickey will be on HSN all day tomorrow from 1:00 a.m. est to 9 p.m. est with expert tips and exclusive deals. I will be watching this!
Living Proof-is all about fighting frizz and does just that. When I saw the little package that the product comes in, I was like this isn't going to do anything! My hair usually requires a lot of product...even if I now know that I need to section it to add the product:) This isn't like the other frizz fighting products that makes your hair look greasy---it lets it fight the humidity and remain lush and flowy---exactly how I like it! The site is really helpful and even has a how-to do your hair with the product. I got a lot of great pointers that helped me understand how to use and not abuse this small product;) Right now free shipping on orders over $48!
Moroccanoil (p.s. it is supposed to be one word:)-I was really curious about this product because it keeps popping up in every mag and every celeb is said to be using it...I didn't know what to expect, because I hadn't seen the product in any stores from Nordstrom to, I wanted to see what was up...I first off thought the product was going to be oil based, but not at all...I am usually one to squish my hair throughout the day and instead of greasy it felt kind of like lotion interesting wasn't thick and my hair felt and dried nicely. The product kinds of reminds me of baby lotion for the hair...for some reason I expected coconut scents and so forth...but, it was an interesting surprise. I mainly used the Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream because I haven't straightened my hair in so long...but, I am getting bored and I want to start changing it up a, I will share how the Moroccanoil Treatment and Hydrating Styling Cream work. I think I need to invest in a mask next...I love doing a mask over the weekend and just relaxing. You can buy the products at a salon near you, or online at AMAZON.

Skala-this brand has AMAZING products at great prices! I got to try the Conditioning Treatment masque, which I loved in the various types for Dry, Course Hair with avocado to Anti-Frizz with aloe vera...I am excited to share that just recently the site has opened up to sell online! You used to have to buy $50 packs on AMAZON...but, gone are the days...take advantage...I couldn't find the product anywhere in Arizona! I kept reading about the product in Latina magazine and I wanted to know what was up. I assure you all this is a great product and worth the wait of shipping:)

In the MIX:
Just found these fabulous hair sites for products and encouragement for natural hair:
A friend recommended I check out the site called, Curls...which is all about effortless, frizz free curls for multi-ethnic women and girls...that's me:) Plus, the products are made of organic ingredients and exotic oils! This is on my list to try next!
The site that supports women going natural and growing their hair is called, Long Hair Don't Care...yesterday they actually had a live radio, keep watching for these type of events.
Chris Rock has a new movie coming out called, "Good Hair"...check out the trailer here.
Marie Claire has a how-to guide for taking care of curly hair that I found helpful.