Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do You Know Who Robyn Rhodes Is??? Well, You Should...Check Out The Scoop!

Right when I spotted Robyn Rhodes designs in a magazine I was flipping through at the nail shop and then, happened to get an email from her and not some random publicist...I was intrigued...we emailed back and forth a few times and I got the chance to send her some questions that I had about the line.  I love her choice of gems and metals.  Her work is feminine with an edge, which I always appreciate because it can be worn for almost any occasion.  Check out the interview with designer Robyn Rhodes and let me know if you have any questions, I am sure she will respond personally.  She also offered a 20% off promo code: gemdeal (code will work Monday, August 17).  *PLUS, might I add---the prices are AMAZING!  And you get the choice of metals and gems you want!  Enjoy!

Did you go to school for designing jewelry? 
I am completely self taught.  (I LOVE that and wish I had that natural talent...but, we all get something different.:)

-Did you know you would one day end up being a designer?
Absolutely not.  I went to school for film and art history-- I was going to be a filmmaker.

-What was your dream job when you were younger?  Was this what you expected to do? 
I always wanted to be a filmmaker-- that was what I always thought I would be doing.  I wanted to produce and direct movies.  

-Are you from LA?  If not, where are you from? 
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley.

-I read you started designing just as gifts...did you do this because you couldn't find what you wanted to get, you were just having fun, or you knew one day you wanted to design?
I have been making jewelry since I was 12 years old as just a hobby and did not really pick it up again until my aunt showed me a $20 necklace that her son gave to her.  At the time, I was working freelance in tv/film production and was waiting for the phone to ring for my next job... however, it was just after 9/11 and tv and film production had halted.  So when I saw this necklace (glass marbles glued to a wound up long piece of wire that would you get at your local hardware store, with a piece of leather that you would tie around your neck)  and found out how much my cousin paid for it-- I was outraged and said, " I can do that, and for cheaper!"  I picked up all the materials, started making them for friends, family, etc.  I never thought that that glass $20 necklace would jump start career, 7 years strong.

-What are your hopes for your designs?
I want everyone to own at least one piece of Robyn Rhodes Jewelry.  I want to be able to constantly come up with new and amazing designs, so much so, that I surprise myself!

-You seem to have all the right connections with celebs and labels like Rock n' Republic...what can we expect from you next?  Collabs-expansions-etc.
InStyle Magazine is doing a page on me and the jewelry I have done on on HBO'S Entourage.   The issue hits newsstands in November.  I plan to also eventually come out with a men's line  and "going green" line as well.
-Do you decide what you will wear each day with jewelry first?
The beauty of my line is that I will have a least 3 different things I can choose for each outfit-- that's the hard part!

-Who would you love to wear your pieces?
I would love to see my line on Drew Barrymore, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, Madonna, the list goes on and on....

-What have you planned for your next seasons styles?  
Very versatile-- pieces you can layer, mixed metals, Indian inspired charms. (*She just made my heart jump~everyone knows I LOVE anything connected to India!  That piece will be a MUST for my collection of jewelry!) 

-What is your favorite stone?
I love turquoise and smoky quartz.
-What piece do you have to wear each day? 
I love, love earrings!!  So I am always wearing either my double hoop earrings called Mattie or  my red quartz Samantha earrings.  Then I just layer up the necklaces such as the Rita, Deirdre, Corey, and another fave, Grace.

-Where do you find all of your stones and charms? 
I go all over the place!  I have suppliers from all around the world.

-What is your favorite blog?   
I am very new into reading blogs....  I stumbled on to Fashionalities and have been hooked ever since!

-What do you look to for inspiration when designing?  
When I go shopping for stones and charms-- my mind goes crazy with designs!  I start there, then think about what color stones would go with what... I look into my roots of film and TV for inspiration as well.  I can be inspired by everything and anything.  I even design jewelry in my sleep!!